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William J. Morgan, P.A.

Mr. Morgan is experienced in representing builders, contractors, businesses and other legal entities in litigation concerning commercial transactions. While most of the commercial litigation is eventually the subject of a civil action in state court, Mr. Morgan also has experience in pursuing these matters through arbitration.

ch employ them. Mr. Morgan is available to discuss your legal rights with your. There is no fee for the first conference.

Your may have insurance of your own available to cover your hospital and doctorís charges. This insurance may be available under more than one policy and may include both your health care insurance and your own automobile insurance. He will help you collect these benefits without any fee for  this part of his assistance.

Employment in personal injury and wrongful death cases is on a contingent fee contract under which the fee is a percentage of the recovery at the time your case is settled or resolved. If you do not recover in the case, you owe no fee.

Mr. Morganís primary focus is the representation of injured persons. He has many years of experience in representing the injured. In addition, he utilizes the abilities of economists, vocational rehabilitation experts, life care planners, accident reconstruction engineers, human behavior analysts, structured settlement consultants and associate counsel to help prepare and present many of his cases.

He will discuss all settlement offers with you and make recommendations concerning settlement. However, you will always make the final decision as to whether your case is settled. Mr. Morgan has  over thirty-five years of experience in settling and trying personal injury and wrongful death cases. During that time he has settled hundreds of cases and successfully tried many more before juries. For many years Mr. Morgan has been a frequent speaker at seminars throughout the southeastern United States.